Курсове по английски език за възрастни и деца

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Интензивни курсове по английски език Bulgarian as a foreign language

За информация и записвания: 0887583178; info@expressenglish.net

Интензивни курсове Фирмено обучение Езикови ваканции

Bulgarian as a Foreign Language

Stimulating and engaging lessons for confidence building and for gaining the language skills necessary to perform with eloquence in Bulgarian.

Express English Language Training offers regular,  semi-intensive and intensive language courses for general, academic and professional purposes  for English, Spanish and German speaking people.

We have experience in designing and providing syllabus tailored directly to the needs, level, age and learning styles of our students. Our language courses in Bulgarian are aimed at motivated professionals, university students and school leavers. They build your confidence, fluency and accuracy in self-expression, whether for general, academic or professional success. We provide you with the knowledge, skills and performance and help you to achieve your goals in a positive learning environment.

At Express English Language Training we:

*      challenge learners to perfect their language skills and develop their professional and academic future

*      assess learner’s language abilities and needs

*      learn in small groups for fast results

*      improve learner’s spoken performance and confidence

*      provide highly structured and content-based syllabus

*      monitor learner’s progress and provide coaching

*      provide engaging, interactive and challenging lessons using multi-media

*      encourage creativity and thinking skills

*      focus on clear outcomes

*     use variety of effective teaching techniques and introduce Bulgarian culture, way of life, nature, celebrities, customs         and history.

Express English Language Training Bulgarian Course 1:

Course is 120 hours (or 2 modules of 60h)

Course covers Beginner and Elemantary  levels - A1 and A2 (CEFR)

Lessons are 1 hour (60 min) long

Class size- 6 students max (Individual tuition also available)

For more information, prices and availability please do not hesitate to contact us!